Monday, August 6, 2012

  I sat down to start the editing of my novel ( I'm re-writing my first four chapters before I send it out again) and I was listening to music like I always do. The song Everything by Tim Hughes started playing and I realized that this song makes such an amazing prayer.

God in my Hoping
There in Dreaming
God in my Watching
God in Waiting
God in my Laughing
There in my Weeping
God in my Hurting
God in my Healing
By my Everything

God in Writing
God in my Working
God in my Playing
God in my Cleaning
God in my Friendships
God in my Waking
God in my Sleeping
God in my Worship
God in my Serving
God in Caring
God in my Thinking
God in Everything

This is my prayer today
Where do you want/need God to be in today?
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Missing the Sea

Two of my favourite songs to listen to right now. I just bought the Mat Kearney CD a few days ago!! IT'S AMAZING!! His voice is incredible and his lyrics are so romantic and beautiful. You really need to listen to his new CD!
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Weekend

I am quite appalled by my lack of posting and I really must apologize. Life has been so very hectic and busy. I found a  new job, as a jeweller, and I'm loving every moment of it. It's so fun getting to polish and sell diamonds all day.
The best thing that happened though, was YC on the weekend!! Anyone who knows me, knows that this is one of the most important three days of my life. For all you people who don't know, YC is a giant youth conference that sweeps across Canada in May of every year. I've hit YC for the past six years and every year, it's totally amazing. They bring some of the best Christian bands out there, they bring comedians, and some absolutely incredible speakers. It's a weekend where you get back on the same page with God, have some amazing worship time, and rock out to bands and basically have a total blast.
This year my two all time favourite bands were there. Thousand Foot Krutch (yes, it's spelt with a K) and RED. Both bands played a really wicked show (like always) and the only down side was the fact that they didn't play long enough.
Every year, on the Friday evening when everything starts, they make a REALLY HUGE deal of the beginning of the weekend. There is 16,000 kids that attend and we all gather in the Rexall arena in Edmonton. There are fireworks INSIDE, and music, and lights, and glow sticks, and people screaming, and hands in the air, and so much energy it feels like the place is going to burst. Seriously, this is SOOO flippin' cool. This year, the song they chose to start the whole thing off was the new Owl City song off his new EP "Shooting Star". Last time they played a song by a band like that, they brought them to play live the next year. I hope that because they opened with an Owl City song, that it means they're going to bring him next year. Seeing Owl City live is one of the top thing on my list of "Things to Do Before I Die".  I think he would be amazing to see live. Who wouldn't love that?
You can go watch the YC KICKOFF on Youtube. You should totally check it out. If you love Owl City, then you'll want to most definitely want to see this. And I just think it's so cool regardless of who plays. I wish I could have all my friends come, unfortunately almost all my friends live a loooong distance away. Oh well, maybe someday.
I need to cut this short today. I work here in an hour so I need to go get ready. have a great day.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Friday Evening!

Okay, I am writing this with my itouch, so sorry if it turns out so terribly!
It has been a boring day. I had a day of filling out paperwork for my new job. I start on the 8th of May and I'm super exciting! I am going to be a jeweler!! I get to play with diamonds all day. Oh Joy!!
Anyways, after that I had such a boring evening...until I found flour, coco powder, and icing sugar! Oh yeah! I made a chocolate cake!! I made mini chocolate cakes with sugared strawberries and lemon cinnamon icing!! I know right? Pretty amazing!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hey everybody
I'm just here to post a quick picture of what I woke up to this morning. I took this photo on the way to Church! How crazy is that?! Snow in the middle of April! I really thought we were gonna be getting Spring! I guess not!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry!

When I started this blog, I had lofty ideas of having the whole blog centered around writing and the writing life. Somehow, in the past few months, it has changed into a blog about me...and all the random things that I do and like. I really do apologize to the people who just wanted to hear about writing. Turns out, I am a lot more than that, and writing is not the only thing in my life. Turns out, I like many more things.
Like crafting. I have been on this huge crafting thing for a while now (I really think I have my two sisters to thank for that). I am not a huge crafter, Like my older sis, but I am getting there.
I thought that for this next post, I would share my latest crafting project with you all and let you give it a try.
Here we go:
The dilemma: I have TONS of jewelry. The only place I had to put all this jewelry was in my little jewelry box. I hated having to go through it all and spend ten minutes untangling a giant ball of necklaces to only find one. It drove me nuts
The solution: Build a jewelry frame for all my stuff. I looked online and found one for $80 dollars!!! Crazy right? So yes, I'm (or I did) building/build my own version.
 I started off with a picture that I bought from Value Village. It was only 15 bucks so I'm still a looong way from 80 bucks!
 I pulled the picture from the frame and stapled some fabric from my sister's collection to the back of the cardboard picture.
 This is what it looks when it's stapled down. If you're going to do this, make sure you iron out your fabric first. It makes it SO much easier for you to get it stapled tightly to the cardboard.
 This is what the back looks like when you have it stapled. I taped mine down after just to make sure that it stays super neat.
 Next, I took some brass wall hooks and nailed them into the board so that they were evenly spaced and so that my necklaces hung fairly even.
 For the earrings, I took two squares of foam,covered them with the fabric and glued them with contact cement to my board. The earrings just push into the foam and stay there nice and tight. I have a small dish that I keep the spare backings in. I usually use the same backings for all my earrings.
 I used two silver hooks and a wooden rod, to hang my bracelets and rings from. The picture is pretty straightforward there.

I'm sorry the pictures aren't the best. I used my ipod to take the pix and they didn't turn out as great as I thought they would. The fifth picture from the top, is the finished product. It turned out really great and in the end only cost me around 20 bucks. Pretty great, eh?!
Well, I hope you all have a really great weekend.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


What a crazy couple weeks this has been. My two sisters and I have landed back into the frozen north. It seems so weird to be home when the rest of the family is still down south. I don't do separation well. I like having my family all close where I can talk to them and spend time with them. Only a month and a half left. I'm sure I can make it *sniff, sniff*
I spent the afternoon today job hunting. Oh how I really wish I didn't have to be doing this. It feels so crazy looking for a job when I've had the same one for like five years now. It's a bit of a sore spot, so we won't visit it today.
Ummm. Sevenly is up today. This weeks seven dollars goes toward's Jessie's JoyJars. Which gives joy to kids with Cancer. I don't much care for the girl's T but the guy's T is super cool. I love the boxing gloves.
Also, my sister blogged a really moving blog the other day about abortion. I was planning about following in her footsteps and blogging about this really saddening topic, but she said it so well that I'm just going to refer you over to Bethy's  blog and let you check it out. It really is something that we should all be aware about and work towards ending. God created all life and who are we to decide who deserves to live? Please head over and read it.
Hugs Ladies and Gents
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